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Address: 1119 King George Hwy., Miramichi, New Brunswick, E1V-5J7

Maintenance Schedule

Kia Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

Why Follow This Vehicle Maintenance Plan?

  • Keeps full warranty coverage
  • Ensures a higher resale value at trade in time
  • Helps prevent costly repairs down the road
  • Extends the life of your car
  • Lowers the chance of a mechanical breakdown
  • Gives you the best possible fuel efficiency

Give our service advisors a call at 506-622-8500 or fill out our quick service appointment form for more information on which service plan your particular Kia model is due for and when. Also, make sure to check our of Service Specials for discounts on the services outlined.

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Service 1 - 6,000 KMs

  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Inspect interior and exterior lights
  • Inspect wiper/washer condition and operation
  • Inspect and adjust tire pressure
  • Check coolant, battery, brake, and washer fluid levels
  • Check horn function
  • Inspect and lubricate all latches, hinges, and locks

Service 2 - 12,000 KMs

  • Everything in Service 1
  • Replace cabin air filter and service HVAC case
  • Remove and rotate tires
  • Inspect brake system for proper operation, check pad/shoe thickness, inspect calipers/wheel cylinders for proper operation, leaks, or damage
  • Adjust parking brake if required
  • Add Kia Pro-Series Fuel Injection System Treatment
  • Inspect engine coolant level and condition, visually inspect system for leaks
  • Inspect transmission fluid and top-up if necessary
  • Lubricate door weather-strips
  • Road test vehicle

Service 3 - 18,000 KMs

  • Everything in Service 2
  • Service front brakes
  • Service rear brakes, including park brake adjustment
  • Service battery terminals and provide "State-Of-Health" print-out
  • Inspect drive belt(s) - condition and tension
  • Inspect vacuum and crankcase ventilation hoses
  • Inspect condition of ignition system
  • Check drive shafts and boots for leaks

Service 4 - 48,000 KMs

  • Everything in Service 3
  • Replace engine coolant
  • Replace engine air filter
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Inspect fuel liens, fuel hoses, and connections
  • Inspect complete emission system including all lines, hoses, and fuel filler cap
  • Inspect complete exhaust system - manifolds, pipes, catalytic converters, and muffler
  • Inspect suspension components including chocks, struts, links, and bushings
  • Inspect steering gear, linkage, boots, and lower-arm ball-joints
  • Inspect power steering pump and hoses
  • Inspect transfer case and rear differential fluid levels (AWD models only)
  • Inspect all seat belts and anchor integrity

Miramichi Kia is located in Miramichi, New Brunswick and also serves Moncton, Bathurst, Fredericton, Tracadie-Sheila, Grand Falls, Edmunston, Campbelton, Bouctouche, Shediac and surrounding areas.


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1119 King George Hwy., Miramichi, New Brunswick, E1V-5J7


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